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Life's beautful, the way it is.


15 April 08
Male/ Pomeranian

Life's meanings.
"I love my mummy&daddy."


Blast the music.


Happy Birthday Mummy!

Happy Birthday, mummy! Today is my mum's birthday and we had a fun time together walking around the lake together. However, my poor wife, Sooty had a seizure and thus, we had to stop and have a rest for her. Jimi comforted her and held her in his arms. She loves the comfort.... However, we all got so tired that dad had to run ahead to bring the car around to pick us up.

Mummy was very fortunate. She got 2 cakes for her birthday. One was made by Opa and one was from the cheesecake shop. Yummy!!! Opa's one is the banana one and bananas are $15 a kg nowadays so Opa has been amazing. He sure dotes on my mum. The one is a chocolate and strawberry sponge which was very delicious too...

I wonder what else mum has got plans later.... Can I come too, mummy?

; Saturday, August 20, 2011, 10:53 PM

My Special Boy- Sebastian!

Life has been an everchanging experience. I finally found my "little boy" Sebastian after a long tedious search. Doesn't he resembles me? Actually he's not my real baby boy but I am so so in love with him. However, his mum did really had to look real hard in order to find him. He's the most gorgeous little man I have ever met. Enough about beating around the bush. He's a little sable boy belonging to mum's friend, Hayley (who by the way is a lovely gal that I gave kisses to when I first met her).... Keke....
Sebastian is such a cute little boy that when I first met him, I was fascinated. He was so tiny that I literally walked over him. Every single step he took, I was right on top of him. I can't leave him alone. It was definetly love at first sight and I adopted him as mine right from the start. He's my little boy boy.... my little Sebas! I am very protective of him (just like I am with all my other kids). I won't even let his own mum near him. Lol.... mum was a bit mad about my possessiveness that I had to have time out a few times.
Since then, we've had a couple of play dates and I am still so in love with him. I hope Sebastian will continue to always be my baby boy and we will develop a bond that is unbreakable. A Father and Son bond! Love you always, Sebastian!

; Wednesday, March 23, 2011, 3:04 AM

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year my friends! Hope the new year brings lots of amazing happiness, success, good health and good news to everyone. How did you all celebrated the countdown of the New Year? Did any exciting news happen?

We went to Uncle Tony's house for a bbq and we had to wait for mum to come home from work first. We all got impatient with the wait. Dad packed up the supplies and was all ready to go so when mum came home, all she had to do was to make her potato salad. Whilst waiting for her to do so, dad got on with household chores. Finally, mum is ready and off we went.

At Uncle Tony's, Molly (Uncle Tony's Kelpie) and Gypsie (a miniature fox terrier) greeted us with enthusiasm. Everyone came running towards us and being a shy and scared boy, I was overwhelmed. The kids had the sprinklers on in the yard as it was a hot day and they kept taking in turns to drench me and the gals.

After a nice BBQ dinner, the adults sat around chatting while the kids played hide and seek. Soon, the final countdown is round the corner. Jimi reminded dad and mum about the 'incident' last new year eve. I pretended to be asleep on mum's lap and when the clock struck 12, I surprised everyone by jumping up and giving mum her first kiss. Dad was leaning over at that moment and I won by a split second. I was so proud of myself. The surprise act took everyone by surprise and caused a big uproar. With that as a reminder, Jimi was determined to keep me away from mum.

However, I must have a strong inkling about what was going on. While everyone is counting down, I started squirming and struggling trying to get away from Jimi to come to mum but he held me very tightly. At the stroke of midnight, dad leaned in for his kiss and I was shat off. I couldn't believe my eyes. Dad stole my first kiss.

That upset me so much that I am determined to show mum and dad how disappointed I am of them. When they came over to kiss me, I let it known that I am upset. I kept turning away from them and rejecting their kisses. Haha... I thought I was the winner of this but mum soon gave up. She sat down and Gypsie jumped onto her lap. That alarmed me. This is not what I want! I want my mummy! I decided to give in and went to mummy. All is forgiven. I love you, mummy. Please don't cuddle someone else.

The late night and activity took a great toll on me. I was very exhausted so when we got home at around 1.30am, I went straight to bed and didn't get out till 11am. Everyone says I was a lazy boy boy but what's life going to be without lots of rest and relaxation?

May 2011 be a wonderful new year!

; Saturday, January 1, 2011, 2:31 AM

Lesson Learnt (Till Next Time)

Dear Friends,
How was your Christmas? Did you all had a good time? Christmas started off as an amazing day. Woke up with 6 others in bed. We had Melissa's babies over for a stay over and spent Christmas Eve racing around the house before collasping in a heap of exhaustion.

Santas was generous to all of us. When we woke up, we each had 3 gifts waiting under the tree. Poppy and Sammy had a gift each too. We eagerly tore into our presents and I received a new girlfriend, a large greenie and a raw hide gift parcel. Everyone else got a large greenie too. Sooty and I immediately tuck into our greenies and was having so much fun.

However Kali, Poppy and Sammy seems to hesitate with their greenies. Sammy and Kali started on theirs... but Poppy wasn't interested. What a Princess! Upon finishing mine, I started eyeing the others. Kali and Sammy gave up on theirs as it's too big. With mum and dad being distracted, I took the opportunity and grabbed everyone's greenies. Within a few minutes, I polished off all the other 3 greenies.

Ecstatic wasn't even the best word to describe my emotions at that moment. Finishing all 4 greenies brought me to heaven! However the price that I had to pay afterwards was DEAR. Within a few hours, my tummy started rumbling and I started having stomach upsets. I rushed to the backyard. Everytime I came back in, mummy had to give me a bath. On Christmas Day itself, I had to be washed 4 times and spent my night out in the yard. This is the worse feeling ever. Being away from mum and dad and the comfy bed is a torture.

This continued for a couple of days. I suffered from stomach upset for the next couple of days and mum hardened her heart and not feed me. She told me it's for my own good but I certainly don't feel that way. I had continuous baths for the next couple of days and just the thought of having a bath (I normally love having one) made me shiver in fear.

Finally on the 27th of Dec, my tummy started to cease giving me so much trouble and I was able to rejoin mum and dad in bed. However, my poor butt is hurting so much that I couldn't even sit on the floor. Dad reminded me that is the consequences of being greedy and everyone hoped that I have learnt a lesson. Me? I think I have learnt my lesson (until next time when greenies are up on offer). Well, Leopard doesn't change its spots!

; Tuesday, December 28, 2010, 1:10 PM


What will the world be like without friends? I am so honoured to have met 2 gorgeous papillions who lives around the corner from us and we've now become firm friends. Let me introduce you to them...

Samson (the tri- coloured papillion on the left) & Poppy (tan and white papillion)

Cutie Samson when he was younger

The Duo Chilling...

Poppy with her teddy

Poppy with her Precious!

Our play sessions has been generally going to Poppy and Sammy's house or coming over to ours. Then we race around like crazy and usually that makes me tired the most. I am ashamed to admit I am the most unfit one amongst us 5.
Our latest adventure includes going around the block and there was a cute fox terrier that we met at the milkbar. His name is 'Monkey' and he's a year old. He was a cutie pie and he followed us all the way home. All the six of us have an adventurous walk. What a sight! We hope he finds his owner soon.
Alright, I better get back to my girlfriend now. Talk soon, friends!

; Thursday, December 9, 2010, 10:37 PM

Thank You!

Inspiration is coursing through my vein at this moment and my excitement is contagious. Mum was trying to show a friend my blog so she can see pictures of my babies so that was how she chanced upon my long forgotten blog. The encounter was an enriching one. There have been many comments posted about my blog and they were all very positive comments. Thank you to all my friends for taking the time to read my blog and for all your beautiful encouragement. This has inspired me to blog more frequently. Please stay tune to find about more about the life in a pomeranian....

; Monday, November 15, 2010, 4:23 AM

In loving memory of Sandy (Scoffy)

It's the first year milestone of the puppies and today marks the day whereby I've been a dad for a year. We decided to contact all their new families to wish my little ones Happy Birthday but I received a devastating news instead. My gorgeous first born, brown little Scoffy who was renamed Sandy has left us. Just before Christmas, Sandy was just having a toilet break in her backyard when two mastiffs broke into her yard and killed her. It was such a horrible and devastating news. They punctured her lungs and she didn't make it. She was only 5 months old at that time.

When dad got off the phone with Richard (Sandy's owner), he told mum the news and the both of them started crying. Memories of little Sandy flooded the room and they were so precious.... so precious that we just can't seems to hold onto long enough. Sandy was the first born and she's born at exactly the same time now (while I am writing this blog). She's the fiesty little girl whom daddy had to cut open her sac as Sooty was unsure of what to do. Sandy gave mum and dad a bit of a scare because nobody really knew what they were doing. After that, she grew up to be a stunning little girl who knows no limits and boundaries. She's definetly the alpha of the litter. Thank you for enlightening our life, my precious Sandy. Although we only had you in our life for a short 8 weeks, it has been the most enriching and memorable 8 weeks in my life.

Can you remember when you used to pin me onto the wall and all the 3 of you will gang up on me?

Can you remember when you used to chase your siblings around the house and try to suckle on your mum while she runs away from you?

Can you remember how much we love you?

I hope that love was the last thing that flashed through your mind during the horrible incident. I hope you felt the love that surrounds you. You will be fondly remembered by all of us and you will live on forever in our hearts. Rest in peace, gorgeous divine Sandy. We love you... always and forever....

; Monday, July 26, 2010, 3:27 AM

Turning 2!

Sorry folks for not updating my blog more regularly. Mum has been really busy so she has no time to operate her laptop for me (I only need her to start it up... lol...). I am turning 2 tomorrow! It is a really exciting time of my life, considering when I first joined the family, I was constantly in the hospital and the vets were not so hopeful about me pulling through a couple of times. However, with all the TLC from everyone around me, I have made it past the milestone and is now a healthy little boy (alright alright, I do suffer from coughs and throws up every now and then). However in general, I am a very healthy and happy young man. I know mum and dad will be real busy tomorrow so there won't be any celebration or gifts for me... maybe on the weekend...

Mum has been doing 10 hours day at her work and she's a bit frustrated. Her foot was sore and she had to go get some xrays done. Nothing was shown on the xray so the doc ordered a bone scan. A MAJOR $695!!! God... mum almost had a heart attach when she heard the cost.

Well, some updates on my little girl. She's about 10 moths old now and she's a real live- wire. She tears around the house and answers to "CHOOK" more than Kali. I think mum and dad calls her "Chook" too much since she was young and the name just stayed. She's like a hen. With her face forever down near the ground... sniffing and digging in the garden. Mum needs to get motivated and start snapping so I can update my beautiful little gal's pics here. She's smaller in size than her mum and me so she's a cute little egg. Her speciality includes kiss attacks and CPR.

Mum and dad's Australia's wedding is in 15 Jan 2011 and after that, they will be heading overseas for a month. I am fretting about that because from memory, I have never left their side. I don't think I do well without mum and dad. What should I do? Sob sob...

; Wednesday, April 14, 2010, 3:35 AM

Mummy in Singapore

It's been 3 weeks since Mummy went home to Singapore to visit her family as well as enjoy Chinese New Year with her family and friends. I've been thinking about her but is determined not to let myself get too upset about that. I heard dad talking to mum that it's only another week before she comes home and that thought keeps me going. I'll have to remember to give mum lots of kisses when she comes home.

Mum told me she loves being in Singapore. The food there is great and she's been real busy catching up with relatives and friends, not forgetting the big S. SHOPPING! I think she's running Oma Singapore down with all the running around that they've been doing. Mum seems to be real busy everyday. I hope she hasn't tire herself out too much.

I think being in either country means there's still always a missing piece in mum's heart. She's either missing dad and me (when she's in Sg) or her family and Muffin (when she's in Aus). Mum secretly tells me that as the date gets closer to the day she comes back to us, her heart is also sadden with the thoughts of having to say goodbye to her family and gals. That is totally understandable. I'll try my best to cheer mum up when she's back here.

Well, almost forgot to let everyone know that Sooty is definetly not pregnant. What a relief for everyone. However, I miss daddyhood...

Alright, I'm gonna get ready for bed now. I am a sleepy head that needs lots of sleep. Hopefully, I will find the time to upload Kali's pics soon....

; Tuesday, March 2, 2010, 11:33 PM

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

It has been a while since I last blogged because life has been really hectic. Mum's computer seems to have gotten a virus and her msn is spamming to everyone on her contact list. Therefore, she won't let me use her lappie for a while. She tried to fix the problem but I don't think it's been fixed yet.

Apart from my boring everyday routine, I am pleased to announce that my little gal, Kali is now a big girl. She now sleeps in mum's and dad's room with us but mum is determined that she will not join us in bed because three will be a crowd. Do you think mum will eventually give in?

Mum and dad is now starting to guess that Sooty is not pregnant. Just obese! She's been eating really well and is not as fussy as she was so she's put on a fair bit of weight. However, only time will tell if she's pregnant. Her expected due date will be in Feb if she is and dad will have to be the midwife and carer all on his own, not that he will have any problem since he almost single- handledly deliver the babies last time. To be honest, I am kinda excited about the prospects of becoming a dad again but.... can we minus the bullying from the kids?

Mum's going home in Feb for a month. I will miss her like crazy. I will probably mope around like when oma Singapore went home. I will be counting down the days till mum comes home and I am sure mum will be the same.

Bed time now, my friends! Cheerios....

; Monday, December 7, 2009, 1:37 AM